• Leadership Coaching

    By taking leaders through deep transformational experiences, I help emerging and established creative leaders craft their vision, align teams, navigate change, and work with the messy human beings that make up teams and organizations.
  • Team Agility

    Knocks, setbacks, and changing market conditions are inevitable. Effective teams need to be nimble and responsive (instead of reactive). I offer tools to help teams communicate and relate cross-functionality, increase resilience, and embody agility so they succeed in any condition.
  • Conscious Culture Creation

    Every organization has a culture - whether intentionally managed or not - that impacts performance. I work deeply and intimately with leaders to create a conscious culture that is aligned to the vision of the organization.
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Alla Zollers, CPCC

Creative leadership and team coach, design strategist, consultant, facilitator and leader. I have a unique combination of design leadership experience, certification in co-active coaching, and training in relationship systems intelligence.