UX consulting and coaching that helps teams, companies, and individuals connect.


• Create compelling user experiences through rigorous UX research, strategy, design, and evaluation.
• Coach teams, managers, and designers in “soft skills” that lead to greater empathy, collaboration, success, and revenue.
• Lead talks and workshops that help teams and individuals improve relationships with themselves and others.

I’m Paid To


• May 21 – Portsmouth, NH

• May 30 – Washington, DC

• June 1 – Washington, DC Workshop



• March 20 – Santa Barbara, CA

• March 21 - Los Angeles, CA

• March 23 - Los Angeles, CA Workshop

• March 26 - San Francisco, CA



• Midwest UX
• Boston UPA Workshop
• Boston Annual Mini UPA Conference
• New Hampshire UPA



The Coaches Training Institute, 2012 – 2013
Certified Professional Co-Active Coach


Indiana University, 2003-2005
Master of Human Computer Interaction


Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, 2000 – 2003
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science


Alla Zollers

E: alla@allazollers.com
P: 617-744-9714
Twitter: @azollers
LinkedIn: allazollers


User Experience Consulting


I bring over 8 years of experience into creating an engaging user experience that’s more than what you need – it’s what you, and your users, want. Through a combination of hands-on experience and sharp communication skills, I’ll hear what’s most important to you and apply my proven process to your vision.


Research & Discovery

• Ethnographic Studies

• Contextual Inquiries

• Interviews

• Surveys

• Focus Groups

• Card Sorts


• Product vision and roadmap

• Personas

• Requirements

• Content Strategy

• Competitive Analysis


• Information Architecture

• Interaction Design


• Heuristic Evaluation

• Usability Evaluation

• Cognitive Walkthroughs


Ready to WOW you customers? Contact me


Samples available upon request.


I believe that 90% of work is building relationships. Whether you’re the manager of a team that’s not cohering, a company that wants better cross-functional collaboration, or an individual looking to get out of your own way, I can help.


Deep collaboration is at the core of being effective at work. I teach managers, teams, and individuals the “soft skills” they didn’t get in school or on the job.


Managers and Teams

A team with strong relationship and communication skills is a one who’s more empathic, collaborative, works more efficiently, and enjoys work more.


• Do you wish your team was better at cross-collaboration?

• Are conflicting visions or personalities keeping them from the next level?

• Are you not sure how to integrate junior people into your group?

• Did you know that training in relationship skills can measurably increase collaboration, creativity, and revenue?


Coaching and workshops for teams can include:

• Managing and resolving conflict

• Working with different personality types

• Easily giving and receiving feedback

• Presenting work without being attached to the outcome

• Building relationships with other functions

• Improving communication and listening skills

• Taking a team from functioning to thriving

• Setting up an internal apprenticeship program

A team with strong people skills works more efficiently, recovers faster from setbacks, has more fun, and increases revenue. Ready to take your team to the next level? Contact me


A professional with strong relationship and communication skills is a one who’s in demand, reaches more people, works more efficiently, and enjoys work more.

Coaching can help you to:

• Manage and resolve conflict

• Improve communication and listening skills

• Build and cultivate professional relationships

• Easily give and receive feedback

• Present your work without being attached to the outcome

• Communicate across functions

• Reach for jobs that are in line with your actual desires and dreams

• Feel fulfilled in your career

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